Mac Accelerator

Liquid Alkali-Free Set Accelerator for Wet Shotcrete Applications


Imbued with the latest German technology, Mac Accelerator is alkali-free modified aluminium
salts suspension in liquid form Shotcrete & Gunite additive that provides accelerated setting
and brisk early strength attaining properties to the Gunite and Shotcrete.
Aimed towards delivering maximum performance, MAC Accelerator upon addition to the
sprayed concrete imparts express setting properties with minimum rebound loss and achieve
early high strength profile in works related to tunnels and galleries.
1. Provides enhanced performance characteristics over conventional Shotcrete
accelerators in areas of over-head spraying performance and low sagging.
2. Ability to provide adequate adherence even when sprayed on wet surface.
3. Minimum rebound loss and Chloride-free.
4. Non-leaching property with desired permeability.
5. Non-negative impact on sprayed concrete workability and promotes optimal layer
thickness and high early strength.
6. Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly when compared to conventional Accelerators.
Form: Liquid
Solution Type: Suspension
Appearance: Cream
Specific Gravity: 1.4 ±0.05 at 25 ⁰Celsius
pH: 2-4
Alkali content: <1% Chloride Content: <0.1% STANDARDS Confirms to IS 9103-1999 (reaffirmed 2004) edition 2.2 (2007-2008), ASTM C494/C494-08a, Type C, BS 934 and EFNARC specification of sprayed concrete. COMPATIBILITY Mac Accelerator is compatible with other ECOMAC admixtures in same concrete mix. All admixtures should be added to the concrete separately. It is suitable to all types of OPC and cement replacement material such as PFA, GGBS and Mac Silica Fume. APPLICATION & DOSAGE Typical dosage should be in between 4% – 12% by weight of cement/binder depending upon the site requirement and ambient temperature and a maximum dosage up to 14% is permissible but might cause a reduction in compressive strength above 12%. Material must be stirred well before use to avoid any kind of settlement at the bottom of accelerator drum. Shotcrete concrete containing admixtures requires higher dosage of Mac Accelerator for better results. RATE OF ADDITION The optimum dosage should be determined by site trials and the performance is dependent upon various factors like ambient temperature, humidity, admixture dosage and type of admixture. An example of performance to dosage ratio has been mentioned below. Dosage of Mac Accelerator Setting Time in Seconds Initial Final Ambient Temperature in 0C Relative Humidity 4% 2 min 30 sec 7 min 30 sec 36 70 7% 2 min 25 sec 6 min 05 sec 22 54 8% 1 min 45 sec 4 min 30 sec 30 68 *Performance will vary with prevailing site conditions and proper trials are required to obtain accurate dosage with respect to the site conditions. STORAGE Storage of sealed containers in cool, dry conditions at normal ambient temperature (Above 5ºC and below 40ºC) can offer a shelf life of 6 months. Never store it in MS drums. PACKING Mac Accelerator is available in 300 kg net wt. HDPE drum packing. HANDLING & SAFETY Mac Accelerator is non-flammable and non-toxic substance. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with water and in case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting and consult doctor immediately. In case of eye contact, flush the eye with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.


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